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Frequently Asked

What is ADAMATIC ?

SOLANADS is a GIVEAWAY sytem that allows every SOLANADS Platinum members to GIFT UNLIMITED Platinum memberships to their referrals and an advertising solution that pays 100% commissions to its members.

Why this name ?

The name has been chosen by mixing together the name of the coin that we use to payout (ADA) and the word "Automatic", because we offer several different automatic features as, for example the "Matrix Auto-Filling" or the "AutoPIF" one. You can learn more about our features in full from the member area.

What do I get by joining ADAMATIC ?

When You join SOLANADS , you will be instantly upgraded to a Platinum member status with all its benefits.
In fact, Your Platinum Membership have been gifted to you by your sponsor.

Your Platinum membership includes:
  • A Welcome bonus (for limited Time) of 0.01
  • A Text Ad Slot with 500 Impressions
  • A Faucet Ad Slot with 25 GUARANTEED Visits!
  • The ability to Give away Platinum memberships to your Referrals
  • The ability of earning 10% of your Direct Referral purchases.

Your Platinum membership last for 3 months. You can extend it for LIFE with a nominal spend of 0.10 ADA (currently $153.32).

Can I earn a free Lifetime upgrade without paying?

Yes, this is absolutely possible. You can achieve many RANK levels for free just by visiting other members websites.

What is your Commission plan structure?

Our main Commission System is based on a SINGLE 10 Levels Forced Matrix with base 2, which means that the first line of the matrix can have only 2 people in it that is, actually , the smallest number you can get in a Forced Matrix Plan.

It is important to know that our matrix is a COMPANY Forced matrix, this means that EVERYONE goes in the same matrix, allowing the happening of spillover and spillunder.
And being our Forced Matrix very narrow, with only a base of 2 people on each front line, the spillover effect can happen quite often!

Our system is made of 8 different Ranks and the sum of the earnings of all the Ranks
in the Matrix is of 6,506.28 plus all the DIRECT referral commission of 50% that you will get.

What payment methods do you accept?

We have chosen to use ADA as a cryptocurrency base (But you can pay also with LTC, TRX, BTC or BNB) because of the reasonable cost and very low fees that allow anyone to spend low amounts without being harassed by the fee costs.

Withdrawals are only made in ADA.

What do I get by upgrading at ADAMATIC ?

Since you are already a SOLANADS Platinum member when you join, all you have to do is to EXTEND your Platinum membership for life.
There are many advantages of Extending your membership.
You will get all these Benefits:
  • A Rank 1 (Shrimp) Matrix Position Activation.
  • A Text Ad Slot with 1000 Impressions
  • A Faucet Ad Slot with 50 GUARANTEED Visits!
  • The Ability to Promote SOLANADS for LIFE
  • The Ability to Earn 50% per Direct Platinum Lifetime referral
  • The Ability to Earn 5% Matrix Commission down 10 Levels!
  • The Ability of Gifting UNLIMITED Platinum memberships!
  • Your Platinum membership LIFETIME will last FOREVER
  • The ability to email to your members (subject to members) every 3 days

The cost to extend your membership is a very small nominal cost of 0.10 ADA (currently $153.32).

How do I make money with ADAMATIC ?

There are several different ways to earn with SOLANADS ; the best being to promote. Platinum members should promote their SOLANADS referral links.
Getting referrals here is extremely easy because actually, when You promote SOLANADS You are not selling anything, You are simply GIVING AWAY PLATINUM MEMBERSHIPS!

What happen if I can't promote ?

If You can't promote, although you should not rely on Forced Matrix spillover, this can happen also because we have a "Matrix Auto-Filling" system in place. Furthermore here you can participate in the free rewards that we offer to our members and earn through our ADA Faucet.

How much can I earn with ADAMATIC ?

There is no limit on the amount of Direct Referral commissions that you can make. Additionally you can earn up to 6,506.28 ADA through our Forced Matrix.

Can I earn as a free member?

Yes, you can earn. You can promote the SOLANADS website, you can participate in the free rewards that we offer to our members and earn through our ADA Faucet.

Can I have more than one account?

No, You can only have one SOLANADS account. One account per IP and per person. If you want to register your relatives with your same IP you should contact us first. Please note that in such case they will NOT be registered as your referrals.

When do I get paid?

We tend to pay within 48 working hours however we pay out with the "as soon as possible" formula, we have no reason to keep the money in our accounts and we pay only 1 payout request per person at a time!

Do you offer refunds?

No, there are no refunds for any reason. Please make sure to read all the details about the product(s), compensation plan as well as TOS, Privacy Policy and earning disclaimer before making a decision to purchase.

My question is not listed

If Your question is not listed You can contact our support team. The link to our support desk is at the bottom of this page.

Sea Creatures Ranking

While the term "whale" is widely used and the most popular, cryptocurrency communities have other animal names to describe cryptocurrency owners based on how much they have. For example, 'Plankton' (under 0.1 Bitcoin), 'Shrimps' (0.1-1 Bitcoin), 'Crabs' (1-10 Bitcoin), 'Fish' (10-50 Bitcoin), 'Octopuses' (50-100 Bitcoin), 'Dolphins' (100-500 Bitcoin). and 'Sharks' (500-1,000 Bitcoin). And as for the whales, there are the 'Regular Whales' (1,000-5,000 Bitcoin), and 'Blue Whales' or 'Humpbacks' (above 5,000 Bitcoin).
If you like you can read more here.

With the above classification in mind, we have created a similar classification system to represent the Earning ability of each of our Matrix Rank as you can see below.

The full list of Our Matrix Ranks can be found here

Rank Name Entry Cost Max earning
.:.' PLANKTON 0.00 No Access
SHRIMP 0.005 0.5115
CRAB 0.01 1.023
OCTOPUS 0.02 2.046
FISH 0.04 4.092
DOLPHIN 0.08 8.184
SHARK 0.16 16.368
WHALE 0.32 32.736
HUMPBACK 0.64 65.472



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