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Sea Creatures Ranking

While the term "whale" is widely used and the most popular, cryptocurrency communities have other animal names to describe cryptocurrency owners based on how much they have. For example, 'Plankton' (under 0.1 Bitcoin), 'Shrimps' (0.1-1 Bitcoin), 'Crabs' (1-10 Bitcoin), 'Fish' (10-50 Bitcoin), 'Octopuses' (50-100 Bitcoin), 'Dolphins' (100-500 Bitcoin). and 'Sharks' (500-1,000 Bitcoin). And as for the whales, there are the 'Regular Whales' (1,000-5,000 Bitcoin), and 'Blue Whales' or 'Humpbacks' (above 5,000 Bitcoin).
If you like you can read more here.

With the above classification in mind, we have created a similar classification system to represent the Earning ability of each of our Matrix Rank as you can see below.

The full list of Our Matrix Ranks can be found here

Rank Name Entry Cost Max earning
.:.' PLANKTON 0.00 No Access
SHRIMP 0.005 0.5115
CRAB 0.01 1.023
OCTOPUS 0.02 2.046
FISH 0.04 4.092
DOLPHIN 0.08 8.184
SHARK 0.16 16.368
WHALE 0.32 32.736
HUMPBACK 0.64 65.472



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